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We specialise in organic search. We work in several UK businesses mainly medical and financial.

Why use a Google Consultant?

Many of the companies we work for already have a marketing team that is responsible for updating and promoting the website within Google. However, what often happens is the team's expertise is more in marketing than in ranking the company's website number. They simply are not up to date with Google's latest algorithmic changes.

Where a consultant can help is to assist the team in a number of factors such as:

  1. keyword choice
  2. content strategy
  3. user optimisation,
  4. The correct use of code
  5. Image optimisation
  6. Successful outreach and backlinks,
  7. Google analytics and forward planning

Mr Sykes is a senior SEO consultant VCM. He has over 14 years of experience optimising and pushing websites to #1 in Google. Harnessing his expertise to your current marketing teams output ensures that your content and your marketing budget is best spent ensuring that the website becomes a useful marketing vehicle for promoting and selling your products and services.

Questions to ask your SEO consultant

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