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Deciding on a Venue

Choosing a performance/exhibition space is never easy. Get in touch with some smaller fringe venues if you are just starting out, certain companies are always on the lookout for fresh work to produce. Make contacts, even if you canít get into your favourite venue this time, in the future they might take you on.


Think about your performance/exhibition and the type of space you need for this. Do you need a stage? Audio equipment? An open plan area or bare walls? It is essential that your event is well planned before choosing a space and that your venue is suitable for your performance.



At VCM we offer the information you need to plan your event or exhibition. Whether you have a show, band or an art exhibit you want to put on or even if you just need advice on gaining exposure for your event, VCM has the information for you.


If you are a theatre group with a show you are ready to get out to the public, we have helpful advice and links to get you onstage. From choosing the venue to marketing your show, we know how to get tickets sold. You could be a band wanting to play your first official gig but lacking a venue or manager or an artist looking for a space for exhibition. Whatever your needs are VCM can help get your art in the limelight!

In a nutshell

VCM's experience ensures that every exhibition and event is run effectively and efficiently. Through our close attention and dedication, VCM nurtures each show, establishing a forum for the specific industry. Each event is designated a team with specialist event management skills that works closely with industry experts and partner organisations

What's New

VCM Events has been running technology and consumer exhibitions and events for over 15 years that are recognised as sector-leading in each of their markets.


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VCM Events covers all aspects of the project:

Venue selection and booking
Appointment of specialist contractors (stands, electrics, security, cleaning, registration)
Designing, coordinating and planning of seminar programmes
Financial management & control

Identifying potential exhibitors
Maintaining the exhibitor database

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