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VCM are an SEO Company that specialises in helping clients benefit from additional revenue gained through organic search. We are based in London SW19. We only work within Google’s organic search.

We do not undertake any PPC or social media campaigns.

We are a very niche SEO company

We do not seek to win any awards or to become experts in all aspects of digital marketing.

All we want to do is achieve the very best Google ranking position for your website and then convert as much of the traffic as possible. We enjoy what we do and are trusted by over 25 companies currently to undertake their SEO. We use strategies, tactics and SEO techniques that are approved by Google and have longevity with all search engines. There are no quick fixes, simple hard graft.

Every client gets

  • A Consultant to develop, write and update your SEO strategy
    • To monitor, manage and report on your SEO plan
    • To manage your Account
    • To develop new creative ideas to sell and promote your products
    • To analyse and interpret Google webmaster/Analytics data
  • A team that includes
    • An SEO Manager to follow SEO plan and direct work
    • Two creative content writers for new pages, blogs and content marketing
    • Two on-page coders and optimisers
    • One off-page outreach manager for backlinks

Whichever website ranks #1 tell us exactly what we need to do.


  1. Local SEO
  2. Content strategy and planning
  3. Technical SEO
  4. On-page optimisation
  5. Measuring and analysing

technical SEO, even Google fails sometimes

There is nothing we cannot do

We are very successful and we relish a challenge.  If you are looking for one of the best SEO resources in London, who can answer all of your questions and can help your website deliver more quality leads or sales then please call.

The first hour is completely free of any obligation.  It is more of a live SEO audit. (We enjoy hearing about new projects). Call: 020 8405 6418.

Discovery, research, partnership, success

This is how we get to know our clients and how that knowledge improves the SEO work we do for them. More.

Everything has to begin with a plan. It is important that the SEO we do aligns with your companies business goals and other marketing campaigns. This is your SEO strategy.

Your consultant in partnership with your team help ensure that we are all on the same page and that our SEO-focused revenue growth correctly reflects your brand.

Revenue-centric SEO: the discovery phase is always about keeping in “the company (client) loop”, speaking often with their team and paying attention to detail. It is an imperative part of what we do here at VCM and is hugely beneficial to the SEO work we accomplish.

It is much more than duplicate content, keyword research, key phrases, search queries or ‘concentrated’ competitor analysis. More.

Measuring and analysing

Most of the time Search marketing is about what can be added to a website, new content, code changes, images, Meta tags, video, sitemaps, Inbound links the list goes on.

It has become all about Google search rankings, more traffic, more link building.

What is often missed is measuring and analysing what is going on on a monthly basis within the website. What URLs or pages can be improved and worked on? Which pages are making the company money! From Google crawling the site to a user making a purchase, we have all the data to follow that journey.

VCM’s consultant Benedict’s role is to analyse data from Google Analytics to decipher how we can capitalise on current organic traffic and minimise on lost opportunities; think bounce rates and high exit pages.

An example document we create for all clients is our Analysing and measuring document.

This includes pages with metrics like:

  1. The highest traffic pages + highest bounce rates pages
  2. Top landing pages and Top Indexed exit pages
  3. Goal Conversion pages/Lowest conversion pages
  4. Best converting keywords


Advanced SEO traffic analysis

Without analysing your website traffic, we would not be able to put together effective and impactful content plans on a monthly basis. Content would be keyword led only!

Whilst creativity is fused into our content creation, we have to first be analytical and use the data we have to discover how the customer responds to what we have already created – because traffic can be great, do not get us wrong, but as a business, you do not just want traffic you want sales.

We tell you how useful your traffic is, why it is not converting and what we can do to turn that around.

Through evidence and data, we can make accurate assumptions of your consumer’s behaviour and make the necessary adjustments to help them make a buying decision.

Tell me more.

Industries we work in

We help businesses of all sizes maximise their online potential by helping them dominate their local, regional and national markets.

We’ve helped many SMEs make a name for themselves in industries such as medical, dental, finance, broadcast media, advertising, trade, manufacturing and law – there’s nothing we have not been able to do yet.

For example, we’ve taken one small dental practice outside of London and turned it into one of the biggest and busiest flagship practices in the UK. By increasing their traffic to over 1,000,000 users every year, the practice sees an average of 2,000 enquiries every month.

Want us to help you in the same way? Start here.

Business Leads from SEO are eight times more likely to become new clients than those
generated through traditional ad campaigns in the UK

On-Page SEO is one of the keys to successful SEO

On-page SEO  allows us to present a better, more expert and authoritative client website to Google. More

VCM Process

  1. At VCM the process of optimising a website is often ongoing. The vast majority of new client’s websites are not optimised.
  2. Sometimes some of the old blog posts may have had an element of SEO applied but the higher-level pages, normally the service or product pages are often left as they were originally created.
  3. The first process is to divide the content into pages and blogs. The next step is to divide the content into manageable sections.
  4. As with all of our work, everything is documented, ethical and of an extremely high quality

Don’t leave your SEO to chance

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Thornton House, 39 Thornton Road, London

4.4 26 reviews

  • Avatar Alan Ferrier ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Working with Vanilla Circus has had such a great effect on our business, with turnover almost doubling thanks to our improved SEO content. Libby, Martha and Ben are so friendly and great at keeping in contact to discuss how things are … More going and how we can improve.
    We get sent monthly reports that lay out all of the information in clear statistics and what exact work has gone into our site each month. Can’t recommend them enough!
  • Avatar Andy Khan ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    We had our new website built by Vanilla Circus last year.
    Over the past few months, we have slowly begun to see the results we've been hoping for.
    I was very impressed with their content writing skills, everything seemed well researched.
    … More
    This takes a lot of pressure off of my marketing team and allows me to get back to doing what I do best.
    I’m so impressed by their work ethic of all the staff I’ve dealt with and even more so with the results they've produced!
  • Avatar Brenda Roberts ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Excellent SEO, what can I say. We have now been working with Vanilla for over 24 months and all I can say is they quietly get on with it. Our traffic is up, are content is much better and our telephone is ringing with new patients making … More appointments.
    Ben, Libby and Martha has been amazing!
  • Avatar Emma Norton ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    If I could add 6 stars I would. Vanilla's ethos and approach to SEO are totally unique. It was such a relief to speak to a company that puts everything in plain English.
    After 4 SEO companies in London and in Manchester, we finally
    … More feel that we are not being taken for a ride and that we can clearly see things improving month on month.
    We are now into our 14 month and we are delighted with the results and have no hesitation recommending Ben and his team to anyone (except our competitors)
  • Avatar Scott Sullivan ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Peter and the team I know have been very happy to be using Vanilla Circus' SEO. Their customer services are so professional and always on hand to help me in every way possible. SEO Reports were detailed but pretty easy to read if … More you not an expert in the subject. Many thanks Scott

Client Reporting

Here at VCM, we send monthly work and SEO analysis reports, which clearly show the topics and content that attracts an engaged audience and lead to higher conversions. They are very detailed and list every single action, piece of content or backlink we have created

We use this to develop an idea of who your customer is; what they like, what they do not like and what questions they want answering.

This data allows us to create stronger month-to-month content plans and allocate marketing resources wisely.

What we report on monthly:

  1. A record of successful outreaches for backlinks including URL, anchor text and written content published
  2. Traffic/page views (month on month)
  3. Google search results/ranking positions improvement (SERPs) with a live feed
  4. Bounce/exit rates
  5. Conversion rate/goals (number of sales enquiries)
  6. Domain metrics MOZ and Majestic (month on month)


Dig Deeper

Everything we do protects children today and prevents abuse tomorrow, to transform society for every childhood.

Search Engine Optimisation | On-page optimisation | Off-page Optimisation | Inbound link building | Google/Search engine results | SEO tools 

Words you will not hear at VCM are, pay per click, directories, Paid search or Bing! If you are looking for Free SEO, this is only available for charities. Our current charity of choice is the NSPCC