Better advice, clearer strategy, winning results

SEO Consultant

if your website is not ranking number one on Google and you have tried a number of award-winning SEO companies who have promised the earth and perhaps delivered slightly less then perhaps it is time to have a good look at your current strategy where it is going well and possibly where it is going wrong.

What can you expect from your SEO consultant?

  1. The first thing you can expect as an answer to every question you have concerning on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation.
  2. You may have learnt a number of ethical SEO rules and myths and often not know who to believe.
  3. Clear concise and transparent communication
  4. Ability to ask any question and the ability to disagree
  5. Complete confidentiality
  6. Lots of experience working within SEO
  7. A better than good working knowledge or what your company does
  8. Monitoring and complete reporting
  9. Ideas and then more ideas on how to sell the business to users and to Google
  10. Results

Where to start: facts

At VCM we only work with facts. The fact you’re on this page looking for a new SEO expert means that your current SEO is not working. That can be fixed.

How consultancy works VCM

  1. The first thing we do with all new clients is to look at a short history of what SEO, what off-page SEO and what content strategy the client has been using to date. This normally takes the form of an audit or what we refer to as the Discovery Phase. As we have been working within SEO for 12 years we are experts at spotting exactly what is wrong and how to improve the problem fast.
  2. We then take this information and start analysing the data we can find on Google analytics to corroborate what was working and what isn’t working.
  3. We outline the stages of a plan to correct what isn’t working and to develop a strategy to implement SEO changes and improvements so the traffic and conversions improve.


VCM is a group of five highly experienced trained digital marketing professionals. It is headed by Benedict who is the senior consultant at VCM. He has been studying and researching SEO for over 15 years. His skill set includes the following

  1. Digital marketing strategies
  2. Creative content planning
  3. Technical SEO and audits
  4. off-page backlinking
  5. Internal site architecture and internal linking
  6. competitor analysis
  7. User optimisation and journey planning
  8. Conversion optimisation
  9. Web design and web development
  10. Programming and script creation

Perhaps the best place to start is to book a free 45 minutes with Mr Sykes. He will go over what he sees as the most important SEO improvement that can be made to your companies website. There is no obligation whatsoever. To us it is fun.

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