SEO Traffic Analysis

You cannot expect quality results without using any data!

By analysing your traffic on a weekly and monthly basis, our expert SEO team is fed valuable information about your website, your customer, what is working and what is not.

It’s an effective part of our SEO strategy because it allows us to plan more effectively and accurately. Part of the reason our work provides quality traffic is that we start and lead with the data every time.

Because the truth is, your business site is to make you money – whilst you may feel really pleased about being number one for certain keywords, it will only make a difference if it’s the right keywords combined with the right traffic.

It’s not about being more visible, it’s about quality web traffic

Not all SEO companies are dreadful, however, we have seen that many do not report correctly.

They may show you your traffic but not tell you anything about it, and this can also be difficult to understand, which means you will not be able to accurately measure against your KPIs.

Here at VCM, we do not just tell you about your traffic, we tell you what it does, what it responds to and what it doesn’t.

We’ll break it down for you with visual aids as well as written reports which spell out:

  • Who’s visiting your site
  • How long they are there
  • What they do on their site (click maps)
  • Do they buy and why
  • Most-likely reasons they leave your site

Lots of traffic can be fantastic, yes, but it’s the kind of traffic and the kind of page they are going to.

For example, if you are a dentist and you want to sell more Invisalign products, but have an SEO company that has a strategy to churn out blog posts like “5 ways Invisalign can help you”, it’s not going to be effective as treatment pages that answer the questions:

  • Who
  • What
  • Why
  • How
  • Where

We know your customer without having ever met them

Here at VCM, we know the questions your customer is asking and we answer them through effective pages on the website that increase the quality of traffic to lead to higher conversions.

Analysing your traffic gives your SEO team valuable information into what is working and what it is not. It also allows more effective planning. It can tell us what pages and information need improving and what content is driving sales and leads or potential customers away.

“The whole purpose of all business websites is to promote the brand and either sell or generate leads. Not offer free content and perfectly optimised code.”

The first Monday of every month is taken with looking at all of VCM’s clients and updating their analysing and measuring documents.

See an example of what you will be provided here.

Deep marketing insights

Our analysing and measuring documents show:

  1. How many people go to the contact page
  2. How many people send an enquiry
  3. Is there a consistent month on month growth
  4. Not just the bounce rate, but what that means for certain pages
  5. Top exit pages and how we can improve this
  6. Performing well traffic-wise but not converting
  7. Shows where the traffic starts from (landing pages) and where it ends
  8. It tells us where users are leaving the website (exit pages)
  9. Shows how our storytelling (our content) is effective in selling the product (goals)
  10. Tells us our most popular pages to develop

This process is documented and then repeated monthly. What we can clearly see is the progression of our SEO work by seeing what we have reported monthly and how that work is affecting these metrics.

Dig Deeper

  1. See an example analysing and measuring documents for keeping records of the most important pages within a site.
  2. See example KPIs
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