Content plans are different from content strategies

Short/Long Term Content Plans

VCM has been planning content and executing content strategies for over 12 years. It is a very important part we play in ensuring that a client’s website both ranks #1 and converts users into customers.

Common Problems

  • Online Content plans are often created by writers who are creative and not scientific
  • Writers are not familiar with the client’s targets and goals
  • Writers are not studying and/or reacting to the competition
  • Writers are aware of keywords but not advanced on-page optimisation
  • Content writers do not have access to traffic and conversion rates so have no idea of what works and what doesn’t

VCM Solution

How we use data and creativity to define content title choice. This in turn is linked to the overall content strategy and its overall goals and targets.

Competitor/Highly-ranked in Google

Content ideas are taken from competitors that have the distinction of ranking above a client in a Google search for a core or related keyword.  Logically this means that Google has scored these websites higher than the client. The client has superior content; in short, they tell a better story. 

“Google’s score is determined by its algorithm when taking into account over 220+ on-page factors this is before adjusting that score by a number calculated by the backlink profile of the domain.”

Value proposition/Content objectives

These are content ideas to support the client’s products/services. They are determined by how best to persuade customers to buy. The success or failure of each page is determined by both the organic traffic to the page and the conversion rate resulting from this traffic.

Marketing content: Q&A/Research/People Asked/ Keyword support

To show Global’s range of knowledge and expertise commonly asked questions are researched from Google and other sources. To create content to support a keyword’s position in Google and effect a rise in ranking.


What content needs to be edited or created to either better connect with a client’s audience or to include new audiences. How can we sell the client in other ways?

Existing content

Using data we determine the most popular landing pages and look to improve the content. Using the same data we identify the worst performing pages where users leave the website and look for reasons and solutions.

  1. Landing Page Optimisation
  2. Exit page Optimisation
  3. Bounce rates
  4. Conversion rates

See content plan example.


Is there mileage in responding or reporting on news that is reported off-site? Is there anyone in the company that is expert enough to comment on a journalists opinion? Does the company agree etc.

Geo-Target SEO/Locations

Is this feasible and a possible idea for creating localised content, do your customers want a local solution, do they visit your premises. See local SEO.