Creating a strategy for content creation is often a simple process of stepping back and asking how can our content help meet our businesses goals"

The right strategy dictates the right tone, the right audience and how content can help the business attains its goals

“What should we create, and why?”

“Creating a strategy for content creation is often a simple process of stepping back and asking how can our content help meet our businesses goals”

Often content plan and content strategy are seen as synonymous. However, that isn’t really correct.

A content plan has a content strategy. The strategy is the how when and why of the content plan; what is the tone of voice, how much content for product A, or product B, is this location important, in future are you introducing XYZ?

One main business objective might be to gain more customers from Google via the website.

So part of the overall content strategy could include a method of monitoring and organising content so that it correlates with the difficulty and attractiveness (to the business) of a #1 spot for a keyword in Google. Without a strategy, the content can just become targetless and hence ineffective.

Every company has business requirements that need to be met in order to successfully trade, gain revenue and grow. A content strategy helps align your content planning with these requirements and longer-term business goals. It is different from a content plan which is more the actual work of creating and implementing content.

On such use is identifying, defining or refining problems that could be helped through a content solution


    1. New customers are not understanding your process or your USPs; could new content help transparency
    2. Customers are calling too often, a better FAQ/help section could help this
    3. Sales are falling, can an improvement be made in Google ranking for a product?
    4. A simple example is adding reviews to increase trust/conversions
    5. Can content for the website be then re-marketed on social media?

Without knowing your business there is no content strategy

For all clients, we create a business support document. This outlines numerous business criteria and includes goals and targets of the business

Correct Process, governance, and inventory

At VCM we create a separate document that lists a client’s content plan. This document is added to and changes as we progress through the list. We keep accurate records of what content has been created and why. A simple example would be creating keyword pages.

Here we would match the pages that are targeted at the main keyword targeted page and additional content (perhaps blogs) that have been created to support it.

Supplying clients with an inventory of content is very helpful to be able to see how we are progressing and what is needed doing.

Execution plan

A content strategy can also outline who is responsible for what content creation. What brand guidelines are there? What is the proofing process etc.

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