Example costs and process time for large scale local SEO web page creation

Web Design, Quotes and Deliverables 18,258 locations within Hampshire / Surrey / Kent including postcodes.

This can be used as a standalone website or as a new separate website

Example: https://www.pestexterminatorsessex.co.uk/uk/essex/ 


To create approximately 15,000 pages from 300 keywords and all of Hampshire locations. The page number is a minimum. To include all counties, cities, towns and villages. Keywords to include every variant of ‘luxury’ bathrooms and kitchens.

Step 1

  1. Create a template page to work within the existing website, retain the style of the site
  2. Re-skin existing 18 pages in the style of core site (WordPress)
  3. Test and proof
  4. Create a stock of images (using client product shots)
  5. Code up for the system
  6. Create a list of keywords
  7. Create a list of UK locations with postcodes
  8. Agree and edit the list of locations with the client

Step 2

  1. Research leading websites and view their content and site structure
  2. Spider all similar websites meta description to produce evidence
  3. Comment and agree on the on-site structure
  4. Create content paragraphs for a page (approx 300+ words)
  5. Agree / edit content with client
  6. Create a list of 30+ core variables to alter content between pages
  7. Create at least 20 – 50 variables within core variables
  8. Agree on sidebar content and variation

Step 3

  1. Create page names
  2. Create metadata
  3. Introduce structured data
  4. Run the first draft and check variables grammatical sense
  5. Continue running pages and checking for errors
  6. Check correct coding
  7. Present first draft to the client
  8. Edit and make changes
  9. Re-run the second draft on the test site
  10. The client agrees and signs off
  11. Web pages are uploaded to the current hosting

Step 4

  1. After upload website is spidered to assure correct linking
  2. Sitemap.xmls are created and submitted to Google
  3. Google page indexing is monitored and reported on (weekly)
  4. Traffic increase is reported on (monthly)
  5. Any further alterations or corrects are made

Step 5

  1. After part indexing by Google, VC build 10 links to key city or county pages
  2. Content created (paragraphs with a link) are written and submitted to the client
  3. Links are placed
  4. Links are reported on via webmaster tools and client report

Lead Time: Six weeks

Total cost: £4995 + vat

Payment terms

50% on commencing the project, remaining 50% to be paid before uploading to the client site. No additions can be charged without client agreement in writing. Lead times assume quick client responses to question. Clients are not required to produce any content, nor are they required to supply any input other than a yes or no.

Client hosting requirements are Linux.

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