Local SEO solution for business wanting to be on their customer’s doorstep

We first worked on geo-targeting for a company called Conversation Piece in 2003. They still rank highly for keyword + location 18 years later

12 years of experience

In the 14 years since we have perfected the art of local SEO to such an extend that Vanilla Circus© are at the forefront of local search. Read why should you care about Local SEO.


Advanced Local SEO Service that sells products fast

You have three choices of strategy for local business marketing online::

  1. Complete local SEO service optimisation on a monthly basis incorporating new content for all pre-determined location complete with geo-targeted backlinks
    Cost: £1800 pcm with contract
    Unlimited keywords and location
    Google local inclusion
    Includes local SEO backlinks on theme
  2. Large scale exact match website networks built maintained and written by VC using your own website design
    Cost £2200+ with or without a contract
    10 new websites created pcm
    Hosting and domains included
    All design and content created
    Google local inclusion on contactable addresses
    Includes local SEO backlinks on theme
  3. Industrial-scale bulk page creation with advanced optimisation to include the full range of keywords and all locations including villages, towns, counties and postcodes
    Cost approximately £4995 per 20,000 pages
    Perfect for large scale lead gen or product sales
    Effective onsite SEO for the entire website
    Includes Google maps
    Fast, long term effective results
    Includes local SEO backlinks on theme

As with all choices Vanilla, Circus© undertake all of the work in house including content, web design, web development, hosting and data input.

A number of clients combine 1 and 3.

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